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Regina Klee
Diplom-Restauratorin (FH) and Master of Arts (M.A.) in European Cultural Heritage Cologne / Germany

Key aspects of activity: Conservation and restoration of ethnographic cultural objects , wooden objects and musical instruments, collection management and exhibition concepts, mounting of objects, documentation in word and picture, elaboration of concepts to preserve cultural property, etc.

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International study network OrganExpert, Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Michael Gerhard Kaufmann
Musicolist, orgnist, organ expert
Key aspects of activity: research and teaching

Contact: m_g_k(at)


Külli Erikson
Art historian and organ expert (M.A.)
Kadrina / Estonia

Contact: kylli.erikson(at)


Andrea Knüpfer
Freelance Diplom-Restauratorin (FH)
Halle (Saale) / Germany

Key aspects of activity:
Restoration and conservation of textile cultural property.
Elaboration and execution of restoration and exhibition concepts, consulting in storage questions, Anfertigung von Figurinen und anderen Präsentationshilfen

Contact: andrea.knuepfer(at)


Dirk Knüpfer
Freelance Diplom-Restaurator (FH)
Halle (Saale) / Germay

Key aspects of activity:
Restoration and conservation within the scopes of architectual colourfulness, fresco, plaster, stucco, stone
Diagnosis and documentation of historical building stock, elaboration of restoration concepts, execution of restoration and conservation projects

Contact: d-knuepfer(at)



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Evangelisch-Lutherische Deutsche Erlösergemeinde Estland
Pfarrer Matthias Burghardt

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