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Conservation and restoration resp. partial reconstruction of the epitaph coat of arms to Ferdinand Friedrich Georg Ludwig von Wrangel (1796-1870) from the Dome Church in Tallinn (Reval) / Estonia

Since spring 2010, the Alexander Eckert OÜ in cooperation with conservator Regina Klee M.A., Cologne, Germany, carried out the conservation and restoration resp. partial reconstruction of the epitaph coat of arms to Ferdinand Friedrich Georg Ludwig von Wrangel (1796-1870).

The intermediate result of these works could be visited in the Dome Church in Tallinn (Reval) / Estonia between June 2013 and June 2016.

Please, read the corresponding article in the Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht and the report on page 9 of the Schilling-Couriers from October 2013.

Now, in summer 2016, the final reconstruction works are carried out in the workshop in Kadrina, Estonia!















Reference instrument wanted!

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

in the course of organising the conservation of a

grand piano ("Salonflügel"), built by Johann Bernhard Klems in 1857, in Düsseldorf / Germany,

we are searching for information about comparable instruments / reference objects in private or public collections.

You can find further information about the instrument in question, here.
More details about the piano's stringing can be looked at here.
Additional photos can be found in: image file 1image file 2 and image file 3.

For relevant information please contact:

Matthias Kühlberg: m.kuehlberg@gmx.de or Alexander Eckert: alexander.eckert@gmail.com

Thank you very much indeed!



The documentation of the Johann-Andreas-Stein-Organ in Kihelkonna (Kielkond) / Estonia 

The instrument in Kihelkonna is considered to be the most important historical organ in Estonia resp. in the north of the Baltic region. It was constructed in 1805 by the southern German organ builder Johann Andreas Stein and enlarged by Friedrich Weissenborn in 1890. Furthermore, two other organ builders carried out some reconstruction works at the organ, leaving their marks on the instrument.  

Since 2007, a documentation of the organ is worked out under the direction of the Alexander Eckert OÜ. This project is conducted as an international education and research project, with members from Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Germany. The documentation, which will be finished soon, will provide the basis for the elaboration of a conception for the restoration of the organ.



Conservation and restoration of the August-Artur-Terkmann-Organ 

Between December 2010 and September 2011 the conservation and restoration of the August-Artur-Terkmann-Organ (8/II+P), constructed in 1910, will be executed in the Catholic Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Tallinn (Reval) / Estonia by the Alexander Eckert OÜ.